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Idk, I just really wanted to make a neat Lucifer thing. A million hours later this is what I got. =w=

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The couple that herp-derps together, stays together ♥

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yay .



A very good way of going about explaining this issue. It’s good to see something positive come from Tumblr.


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Me: “What browser are you on?”

Client: “Google.”

Me: “Google Chrome?”

Client: “No, just regular Google.”

Me: “That’s the site. I want to know the browser.”

Client: “Google.”

Me: “No.”

Client: “Look, we can have this conversation forever, man. But when I hit the internet logo, Google comes up!”

Me: “Okay…What does that “internet logo” look like?

Client: “…A fiery fox, I guess. But that’s irrelevant.”

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BEWARE: smoking weed can have dangerous side effects, such as never shutting the fuck up about the fact you smoke weed

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Doctor Who Meme: two quotes [2/2]

4.07 - The Unicorn and the Wasp

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"You don't have to stay" Destiel

((I should not have signed up for this. I haven’t really written in a while so here have my terrible thing. Also sorry it’s late. I had work and totally forgot to write it.))

“You don’t have to stay,” Castiel said quietly. Dean hadn’t moved from that chair more than a handful of times in the past two days.

“Are you telling me to leave?” Dean asked, looking up at him, his eyes still lined with red from when he let himself cry when his friend was asleep. He couldn’t believe he had almost lost him.

Castiel shook his head, “No. I’m just saying you don’t have to feel obligated to stay. The doctor said-“

Dean cut him off. “The doctor said you almost died. Your temperature spiked, you passed out and when you woke up you had no idea who anyone was. I’m not going anywhere.” The way Castiel was being so cool about all of this made Dean want to scream. He had already been in the hospital for two full days. This was the third, and Dean had no thoughts of leaving.

“He said that I’m recovering fine,” he finished, his words a bit sharp. He hated when Dean cut him off.  He leaned back in the bed, letting his eyes close. For ‘recovering fine’ he still was pretty out of it.

“Cas, you okay?” Dean asked. He got nervous whenever Cas slept. What if he woke up and didn’t remember him again? They had known each other since they were kids. They grew up together and at any given time that could all be gone again.

“Yeah, I’m just feeling a little hot. Can you call the nurse?”




fanfiction sex be like

I love how she’s like “those are worth money, don’t put them in your butt.”


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True Facts About John Winchester





In all of his on-screen appearances in season 1 (and once in season 2), we never see him take a drink of alcohol.

Sam and Dean both yell at him in season 1. Sam even gets in his face and shoves him. He never raises his voice.

When Dean calls him out on not answering his phone, he backs down and apologizes.

When Meg calls him and taunts him by killing his friends, he immediately drops everything and walks himself into a trap in order to stop her.

The entire reason he kept sending Sam and Dean on hunts in season 1 was to keep them safe, because he was closing in on the demon and did not want them to get hurt trying to follow him. He was genuinely afraid for their safety when it came to Azazel.

When Sam and Dean disobey his orders and back him up, and demand to come with him and finish the fight against Azazel, he concedes and includes them in the hunt. Because he clearly respects their opinions and their skill as hunters and trusts them to back himself and each other up.

He swung by Stanford to check up on Sam and make sure he was safe, but never once tried to pull him back into hunting.

On the occasions that he had to leave his sons alone, they always had food, instructions to call somebody (Pastor Jim) if anything went wrong, and/or enough money to buy food.

After the Shtriga attacked Sam, John immediately abandoned the hunt, packed up, and drove his kids somewhere safe.

He was sentimental. He kept Sam’s soccer trophy and Dean’s first sawed-off.

Despite fighting with Sam over soccer vs. bowhunting, he obviously caved and signed Sam up for soccer.

He took his kids on a trip to the Grand Canyon.

He sacrificed his life and his 22-year revenge quest to the very demon he had been hunting that whole time in order to save Dean’s life, because his sons mean more to him than anything.

Yes, tumblr, he actually did tell Dean he was proud of him - it’s season 2, episode 1. No, that was not Azazel. It was John. Watch the fucking episode.

He never broke in hell. He never tortured anybody to save himself the pain. He endured a hundred years of torture because he refused to hurt anyone else.

He was clearly a good enough person to be considered a ‘righteous man’, because Alastair had been trying to break him for that purpose before Dean made his deal.

He went from knowing nothing about the supernatural to becoming one of the greatest hunters to ever live.

Ash, who was pretty much a genius, was amazed by the way John put together patterns to track Azazel.

Sam outright said they were lucky to have John as their dad, and this was before he and John had their reunion and reconciliation.

There ARE references to John’s alcohol abuse. just because we don’t see him drink doesn’t mean he didn’t.

He doesn’t raise his voice…maybe he finally realized that Sam and Dean were right, or maybe he’s just more of a calm arguer. either way, the level of his voice says nothing about his character

even shitty people can acknowledge when they’re in the wrong, so a few apologies don’t really mean much

I would argue that a desire to help people in general is not indicative of a person’s parenting abilities

he kept them away from the hunt to “keep them safe” but it also implies that he doesn’t trust them to handle themselves, and he’s not respecting THEIR desire to take down this thing that killed their mom. a good parent respect their children’s choices.

so he “let” them help on the hunt, but they had to INSIST. They needed to push their way in when John should have just respected their decision (and their abilities) and just let them help in the first place.

Do you know how much arguing it took for Sam to even get to Stanford? John felt like he had “lost” him and yeah, sure, wanted to make sure he was safe, but once again, he could have accepted that he could take care of himself. And as for “not bringing him back into hunting” he tried to KEEP him there and also put him there in the first place.

There are instances of them NOT having enough (or healthy) food/ money for food, and they really shouldn’t have been left alone at all.

yes, he abandoned the hunt, but he also yelled at Dean. He put so much pressure on such a young boy and then got pissed when he couldn’t handle it. that’s not a good dad.

sentimental does not equal good parent.

He CAVED. he should have (once again) respected his son’s decision right away and jut let him play soccer without fighting about it.

oh wow, one trip to a landmark when they were probably in th earea for a hunt anyway. someone give this man an award

One instance of sacrifice does not a good parent make. He was wracked with guilt because Dean’s coma was his fault.

he told him he was proud of him ONE TIME! once again, that doesn’t make him a good parent

because he dedicated his life to saving people. He was a strong man, doesn’t mean he was a good dad.

righteous man or not, he sometimes sacrificed his kid’s happiness for his morals.

I don’t see how being a good hunter makes him a good man/ parent

ash was impressed with his hunting skills but knew nothing of his parenting skills

John was the only Dad Sam ever had, and he came to this realization after seeing an actually abusive parent. so yeah.

John may not be as bad as people make him out to be but he was still a shitty parent and I won’t accept any excuses for him. I’m sorry.

1. I never said John never drank. I said we never see John drink. Which is a fact. I address speculation about John’s drinking in this post:

2. It says that John isn’t the raging violent asshole that fandom likes to paint him as.

3. Yes, let’s just ignore the times when John owns up to his mistakes and tries to make amends. Okay. That’s totally fair.

4. It shows that John put people before his ‘revenge quest’. Meg threatened his chance to go after Azazel. He was willing to lay his life down to protect people even if it meant he would not get to see his quest through.

5. A GOOD PARENT IS WORRIED ABOUT THE SAFETY OF THEIR KIDS. John said EXACTLY THIS when Sam said he didn’t have to worry about them - “I’m your father, of course I do.” John was fairly sure he would DIE in the fight against Azazel so he didn’t want Sam and Dean involved at all. Because he didn’t want his children to die. This is fucking ridiculous that you see this as a negative thing, I’m fucking sorry. Every parent sees their kids as their kids no matter what. Even if they’re 30 years old a good parent still has the desire to protect them and keep them safe. Sam and Dean were 22 and 26, of fucking course John isn’t going to want them jumping in on what he sees as a suicide mission against the most powerful demon he has ever encountered.

6. They had to insist because of everything I said in point 5. John wanted to keep his kids safe from the most powerful demon he had ever come across. But if they’re going to trail him anyway then he might as well work with them for a stronger and safer team, rather than have them charge into the fight in a way that could turn things ugly.

7. John signed all the paperwork needed to get Sam into Stanford in the first place (see Nevermore). The only reason John got Sam into hunting in the first place was for his protection. They had no other choice - their family was targeted by demons. Was he supposed to leave his sons unprepared when Azazel came knocking the next time? You are ignoring the circumstances that John had to deal with. Training Sam and Dean as hunters was absolutely the right call in these circumstances.

8. Show me where they don’t have enough food. In Something Wicked there is enough for both of them to eat. In the shitty boys home episode, John leaves Dean with enough money which Dean then loses through his own stupidity in a poker game. That isn’t John’s fault that Dean lost it, that’s Dean’s fault for being an idiot sixteen year old.

9. In Something Wicked they should not have been left alone, no. But Dean disobeyed his dad directly when all he had to do was sit in the motel room. He had Pastor Jim to call if he needed help. It wasn’t a complicated situation, so it wasn’t like John got mad at Dean for something Dean couldn’t understand (cause that would be a dick move). Again this is a case of shitty circumstances. We see MULTIPLE TIMES that John would find caretakers for Sam and Dean when he couldnt be around (Pastor Jim, Bobby, the babysitter from Swap Meat). But when there’s no one in town he can trust, it’s either let innocent people die or rely on his son.

10. People seem to think he didn’t love his sons. A guy who didn’t love his sons would not keep mementos of their childhood.

11. So because John stopped and re-assessed the situation and decided that yeah it was okay for Sam to play soccer he’s a shitty guy? So basically you’re saying he should make the right call the first time, every time, and that if he doesn’t he’s a shitbag. lol ok. He is a human being in a situation that is not normal. He is stuck in a world where monsters are targeting his family. He has no steady job and still needs to provide for his sons. Maybe he didn’t have the money to enroll Sam in soccer at first. Maybe he was worried that some demon or someone would get to Sam through the team, because it’s putting Sam in an environment filled with strangers that he can’t trust. John haters always assume that John did shit just because he’s a hardass jerk without stopping to consider the situation he was in and the mentality that he would have going into it. This dude knew nasty supernatural shit was out there looking for a way to get to his family.

12. People see one instance of a lip quiver and assume John beat the fuck out of his kids, but one instance of him doing something fun with his kids isn’t enough to entertain the possibility that hey maybe he did other fun things with them too. Jesus fucking christ.

13. Right the only time John ever did anything good for his kids was because he felt guilty ok. It couldn’t be that it was because he loved Dean. It couldn’t be that it was because he put his children’s lives above the revenge quest that everyone seems to think was the only thing that mattered to him. And what the fuck is this bullshit about it being John’s fault that Dean was in a coma!? AZAZEL ATTACKED HIM. A DEMON DROVE THE TRUCK INTO THE IMPALA. Fucking hell, JOHN WAS THE FIRST PERSON TO OVERCOME DEMONIC POSSESSION BY WILLPOWER - FOR DEAN - AND IT WAS ONE OF THE STRONGEST DEMONS ON THE SHOW. I suppose you’ll blame John for letting Sam and Dean join the hunt when just a few paragraphs ago you were calling him a dick for not wanting them to join the hunt, huh? And I’m just suuure this is literally the only time John ever sacrificed anything for his kids. Because one instance of them being by themselves in Something Wicked means he left them alone ALL THE TIME FOR WEEKS. But one instance of sacrifice is just that, only one, right?

14. Again, you literally think this is the only time John ever told Dean he was proud of him in his entire 26 years of life? When there are fucking YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS of their lives together that we never got to see? You honestly fucking think that? WHY IS ONE INSTANCE OF A BAD THING ENOUGH TO ESTABLISH A PATTERN OF BEHAVIOUR BUT ONE INSTANCE OF A GOOD THING IS NOT.

15. This is, again, refuting the point that John was some abusive dickbag. People think John beat his kids. Fucking no, the guy who wouldn’t even torture souls in hell - most of whom were probably there for being rapists and murderers or whatever the fuck - was not going to lay a fucking hand on the kids he loved more than his own fucking life.

16. and 17. I’m not even fucking talking about him being a parent here! I’m talking about him being awesome. He fucking built himself up from nothing in the hunting world and had a brilliant mind. Stop fucking relating literally every point to him being a parent because it’s not. It’s literally just a statement of fact of something that was on the show.

18. If the later seasons are to be believed (I hate these new writers though, they are hacks, so whatever), Sam spent a significant amount of time with Bobby before that point. So y’know. There’s another comparison. Bobby “Just ‘cause it kills your liver don’t mean it ain’t medicine” Singer.

People need to stop judging John based on a real world scenario. He was not in the real world. If he was in a real world without demons and monsters hunting his family, then sure, he would not be a good dad. But he was fucking trying to protect his family from shit that might kill them in horrible horrible ways, and he had to learn how to do it along the way, on his own, while raising two kids. Sorry that he couldn’t take Sam and Dean to the fair all the time but he was too busy trying to make sure fucking Azazel and his minions weren’t on their trail. If he did not train Sam and Dean, if he gave them up to someone else, they would be dead or permanent archangel vessels and the world would be exploded. End of fucking story. Without John’s training, rocks fall and everybody dies.


laying down some real talk. read this shit. if you forcibly make every action of john’s into a malicious act while ignoring the honorable, good actions, you are a blind, BLIND hater with no respect for the complexity of his character; you just want to make him a bad guy

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Send me a pairing and a line of dialogue and I’ll write you something angsty-ish


  • "I just really need to have you here right now."
  • "Didn’t you see what I did?!"
  • "Oh fuck, oh FUCK."
  • "Please come get me."
  • "Where are you?!"
  • "I’m coming, just sit tight!"
  • "Look at me - just breathe, okay?"
  • "I can’t breathe!"
  • "You don’t have to stay."
  • "It’s all my fault."
  • "It’s all YOUR fault!"
  • "Don’t fucking touch me."
  • "Please I just… really need space right now."
  • "I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere."
  • "I’m gonna be sick."
  • "Ever wonder if the world would be better off without you… ?"
  • "I’m sick of being USELESS."
  • "You’re not useless."
  • "Shit, are you bleeding?!"
  • "Please, put it DOWN."
  • "Shh, c’mere…"
  • "It’s okay to cry…"
  • "Don’t listen to them. Don’t you EVER listen to them."
  • "I’m not cut out for this."
  • "Just leave me ALONE."
  • "Please listen to me-"
  • "You can trust me."
  • "Don’t trust me."
  • "What happened doesn’t change anything."
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All-time favourite pictures of Jared/Jensen (x)


All-time favourite pictures of Jared/Jensen (x)

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J2 + TCA 2014 Summer Tour Photoshoot

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little bab sammy singing the wrong lyrics to classic rock songs really loudly while splashing in the tub 

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Happy Birthday Jared Padalecki! - (July 19th, 1982)

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